Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sun Angel: Tanning with Confidence!

Take the guess work out of tanning with Ergoline's latest technology! The Sun Angel sensors your skin and the bulbs are custom adjusted for each individual tanning session, virtually eliminating the risk of over exposure. With the Sun Angel's variable spectrum technology, you get a combination of UVA & UVB rays that will produce a deep, natural tan, as well as promote vitamin D synthesis!

In addition to providing you with a great looking tan, you will also benefit from the added luxuries of a 3D sound system and MP3 Player Dock, Aroma therapy, Aqua mist, and adjustable body fans.

The sensor is easy to use, and the measurements are taken right before tanning begins. 

The inside of the bed is contoured to the body, and very roomy.

Visit Pura Vida Tan to experience the latest technology in tanning! Tan with Confidence! 

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